Changing food waste

As we see the 5p plastic bag charge come into force in England this month we are more and more becoming aware of the countries problem of waste, specifically food waste! We throw away roughly 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year costing £12.5billion a year, the most common items […]

Super Student Snacking

We all know as students that we like to snack. Those long sleepless nights at the Library can leave us feeling lazy and refusing to cook a decent meal. However, snacking can sometimes turn bad and in turn make you unhealthy. Thus, depending on your exercise routine can make you gain weight and quickly! However, […]

The rise of Craft Beer clubs

So there has been a shift in recent times, a shift that is no more visible than down at your local boozer. Amongst all the unrelenting negative press surrounding binge drinking, cheep supermarket alcohol deals and the like, there is a new trend forming surrounding ‘Craft Beer’. Craft Beer; noun; A beer made in a traditional […]